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(Diskgirl tf story with some footplay)

Detective Rachel Harris slid the plastic cup containing a lukewarm imitation of coffee at an attractive thirty something woman. She sat arms crossed, with a lopsided smile formed across her lips, as if something was amusing her. They were sat in a small but functional room with a small table and a tape recorder. Detective Harris sets out a notepad and pen and sits across from the woman tapping her pen idly on the table top. The tape recorder had been running for several minutes, both sit in silence.

"So, Diane. Tell me about Miss Dawkins" Detective Harris begins, breaking the deadlock

Diane offers a shrug "Nothing to say really. We were neighbours"

"Hmmm, Just neighbours you say?"


"So no real social interaction, no friendly chit chat over the garden wall?"

"No, not really"

Diane struggles not to shift and squirm in her seat.

"Here is the odd thing, we had a phone call about a nuisance neighbour, from Miss Dawkins. She reckoned that you were stealing her parcels."

Diane gulps and shakes her head "No idea what your talking about"

"Oh another really odd thing," Detective Harris reaches into a large cardboard box and pulls out a manila folder. "Our techs have had a look through your home, and well, we found hairs belonging to
Miss Dawkins all over your house."

"Oh my..."

"And the last really, really odd thing." Detective Harris reaches down into the box and pulls out a large bag containing a pair of feet in dark pantyhose. "we recovered these from an online store that you supplied these to."

Diane chuckles, "Oh dear, we are stuck now aren't we petal"  

Detective Harris cocks an eyebrow as she could have sworn the toes just twitched "Okay... thats... unsettling. In anycase care to tell us how these were made? They appear to be a perfect cast of our missing persons feet."

Diane is still smiling and she leans forward, setting her elbows on the table. "So detective, you seem to have all your ducks in a row. I can assure you Miss Dawkins is alive and well." She casts a furtive glance at the bag containing the feet. Her smile gets wider.

"And how can you make that assertion Diane. I mean c'mon, we have you bang to rights."

"Ah but no motive, you have yet to establish the why and the means. Habeas Corpus. Why would I harm Miss Dawkins, I have never spoken to her, I keep to myself, I am a quiet person in the street. My neighbours will atest to that."

Detective Harris' lips tighten as her gambit collapses, "Well why would we find hair and a cast of the missing persons feet in your house if you have never spoken to her?"
Diane leans in closer and drops her voice to a whisper "I could tell, but its a secret"

"I like secrets," Detective Harris leans in also whispering

"Well... Shona asked me to make a cast of her feet, she wanted the money and I obliged."
Detective Harris sits back with a sigh. "Thats it? Can you substantiate your claim?"

"No, can you substantiate your claim that I have I have done something illegal?" Diane's face is a picture of amusement.

"I don't need too"

"Ah but you do," Diane sits back and stretches her arms out before taking a sip of her lukewarm coffee, "I think I'll call my brief now if you please."

Detective Harris sighs, "Very well, have it your way. But I will be keeping an eye on you."

"Oh I sincerely hope so. Detective." Diane offers a cheeky wink that somehow turns the Detectives blood cold.

Detective Harris stands to her feet and opens the door and gestures for Diane to leave. "Your free to go. For now."

Diane cheerily calls "Thank you Petal," as she saunters down the corridor.

Rachel frowns as she watches Diane walk away. She returns to the interview room and collects her things. She gathers her evidence into a single box, she casts a glance at the bag containing a cast of a pair of feet. She could've sworn they just twitched in the bag. Dam its been a long shift.


It is a grey and damp dawn when Rachel escapes the station. She heads to her car and pats down for her keys. She left them inside, with a curse and stamp of her foot she heads back inside. Returning moments later,  she tries to unlock the car only to find its already open. She gives a wry shake of her head, she must have more tired than she thought. She slumps into the care rubbing her neck before starting the engine. The engine rumbles to life as she pulls out. It is a pity she is so tired, she may have noticed someone hiding in the back of her car.


Rachel opens the front door and kicks her boots off her sore and aching feet. She calls out for her husband, but goes unanswered, she shrugs, he must have gone for his morning run. She heads to the kitchen and is about to pour herself a cool drink when she hears the front door open. Her heart lifts.

"Dan? Is that you?" Rachel pads through the living room before her world goes dark and hears a
familiar sultry voice call out "Gotcha!"

"Diane!?! What are doing in my home, get me outta here!" Rachel is now trapped in a huge black fabric bag and her struggles send her crashing to the floor.

Diane's muffled cackle  rings through te slick dark material of the bag. Rachel throws a wild kick in the direction of the cackle and manages to hit nothing, the bag contracts a little restricting movement.
"Now, now dearie... Try and remain calm. The bag won't hold you forever"

Rachel struggles with the material, her fingernails scratching to find purchase on the slick material and her socked feet kick out. The bag shrinks with each kick until she is doubled up in the fetal position. Diane gives her a little push sending Rachel onto her back, like a turtle in a shell.

"Now see what you have done, your in quite the pickle there"


Diane gives another throaty chuckle "Not a chance"  

Rachel's struggles continued with a renewed frenzy. The bag continues to shrink, smaller and smaller, with movement becoming increasingly difficult. the bag is pitch black and Rachel eventually becomes trapped. She feels around inside the bag and is no longer sure what bits are where, she feels funny, lightheaded and squeezed. Her shouts and rants become softer and softer until she can't speak and barely move.

Meanwhile Diane watches intently as the bag shrinks her eyes bright with excitement, her breathing getting faster as the excitment grows . The bag is now the size of a small carrier bag, barely big enough to hold a twelve inch pizza. Diane strides over and opens the bag, she reaches in a pulls out Rachel. Rachel is now a tiny little disk with her feet and hands framing her face, only her left eye is uncovered and it swivels around the room frantically. Her dark socked feet are under her chin and across her forehead with her hands pressed into her face.

"Oh you are so cute!" Diane squeals as she carries the disk-Rachel over to the sofa. She props her
up against the arm of the sofa before sitting at the other end.

"Now," begins Diane as slips her own boots off, "We need to have a nice little chat about my case"

Rachel's hands and toes twitch and flex as she struggles in her form, she eyes wide with fear as Diane's socked feet are held out in front of her on the sofa, toes wiggling and curling a foot away from her.

"You see dear, I can't have you looking into me, it just won't do petal." Diane stretches her toes out so they are inches from Rachel's face, her nose detects the faint whiff of Diane's feet, a mix of shoe leather and sweat. Rachel wrinkles her nose at the aroma.

"So I need this misunderstanding to disappear," Diane shuffles herself closer to Rachel's face, Rachel's world view is filled with Diane's socked feet, waving inches in front of her face. "But it seems a shame to waste an opportunity like this..." Diane's feet are pressed into the disk-Rachel, smothering her in a world of soft socked footsies.

Diane poddles her feet against Diane, tittering as Rachel's fingers and toes twitch and brush Diane's toes and soles. Diane's head groans and lolls back as she enjoys the domination and flittering feeling of the Detective.

Diane's enjoyment is cut short as the there is a distinctive jiggle of keys in the front door. Diane leaps up and rushes to hide behind the door.

A mans voice calls out "Honey, I'm back! How was your shift?"  There is a clatter of keys on the side and heavy footsteps coming into the living room.

"Rach?" he calls again. Rachel frantically struggles in her form toes and fingers flailing around, her mouth desperately trying to form words and call out to him to warn him. Diane smiles playfully and gives Rachel a clear 'shush' gesture as she hides behind the living room door. The man walks in, Rachel almost bursts into tears seeing her husband, her fear and panic have finally got the better of her.

"Rach how was your- OH CHRIST! RACHEL!" He rushes over to his strivken wife, stuck in disk form on the sofa and kneels beside her, tenderly stroking her cheek.

"Aint love grand" says Diane, sneaking up behind him and cold cocking him with her palm. He drops instantly, out cold.

"My, my, my... You have real taste petal. He is hot." Rachel can do nothing but glare as Diane straddles him and grabs a firm handful of his ass.

"OOooohhh, so firm," taunts Diane, "you could crack walnuts with this..."

Rachel desperately tries to scream in rage and manages a slight rocking as she tries to in vain to reach Diane. Despite Dan being well over 6ft, Diane flips him over onto his back. Her hands spider walk down his stomach to the band of his shorts. Her hands lift the band and she cheekily peaks down his shorts

Diane's eyes bulge and she licks her lips as she see's the contents of his pants "Oh my.... and well blessed too!"  Rachel can only sit, incandescent in mute rage, toes and fists in  a white knuckle clench as this stranger peeks at her husbands manhood!    

Diane cackles and produces a silk scarf which she drops over the prone man. The silk scarf briefly covers his body before falling flat to the floor. All that remains is a pinnacle in the middle of the fabric. Diane whips the covers away, Dan has disappeared leaving only a small pink cylinder in the middle, around 6inches high and 2 inches wide. Diane picks it up and casually flips it in the air.

"Don't worry petal, you'll get him back," Diane pats the cylinder, "he is aware in this form and I may have a use for him yet... if you know what I mean..." She tosses the cylinder casually onto a nearby chair.

Tears of frustration stream down Rachel's face as she looks forlornly at her poor husband and her deep black rage consumes her. Diane dabs her tears with her index finger.

"There, there petal," she cooes, "he'll be intact and unharmed, but he will have a hell of a story to tell, especially after I've finished with him" She grins as she dabs the tears onto her tongue.

Rachel cannot communicate but the white hot rage has settled and her nostrils flare as Diane sits at the end of the sofa

"Now, where were we?" Diane says as she stretches her feet out back into Rachel's face. "Much better"

Rachel squeezes her eyes shut as the stinky feet are brushed over her face. Diane is feeling playful especially as Rachel is clearly not enjoying a moment of this.

"Boop!" Diane calls as she dabs her big toe at the end of Rachel's nose making Rachel's feet flap in annoyance. Diane giggles and repeats the action, each time watching Rachel get more and more annoyed.

"Ooooh your toesies wanna play too?"

Rachel's eyes go wide as she desperately tries to scream no

"Maybe I can tickle your toes while you smell my feet? Just say no nice and clearly and I'll let you go..." Diane leans forwards and cups a hand to her ear

Rachel desperately tries to scream 'NO!' her face turns purple with the effort her disk-body shakes with effort.

"My petal, that was a good effort..." Diane slowly stretches to reach her toes, her hands wiggling in a tickle claw, "Not good enough though I am afraid."

Rachel watches the agonising progress of the fingers heading towards her vulnerable and exposed socked soles. She can't really move them all she can do is scrunch her toes and eyes tightly until the tickling passes. She can feel the warmth of Diane's fingers hovering millimetres away from her soles, drawing out the pause, before the plunge in. Diane's deft fingers explore every wrinkle. The tickling was excruciating but not having a release, unable to make a sound or move, intensifies with experience, Rachel's mind raced as her abbreviated body tries to escape the probing fingers of her captor, toes wiggle and squirm in vain. Rachel's hands try feebly to batter the hands away but only succeed in brushing the tops of the hands unable to gain purchase. Diane steps it up as her feet are pressed onto Rachel's face, smothering her in a white socked prison. Diane's toes wiggle and she rocks her feet back and forth pressing the ball and heel into different parts of her face and hands.

"Mmmmmm petal, we are doing a good job," purrs Diane, "But I want to take a sneaky peek at those pretty toes." Diane removes her feet from Rachel's face and takes a firm grip of Rachel's left foot. Diane tears the toes off her Rachel's socks exposing cute long toes wiggling out of the socks. Diane slowly slides the socks down Rachel's foot exposing long, soft feet with deep wrinkles and dainty narrow heels. Rachel looks on helplessly and can only wave her toes around.  

Diane starts poking her fingers into the long toes teasing the underside and between Rachel's squirming toes. Diane slides forward on her belly bringing her face to within inches of Rachel's bare foot. She twitches her foot back and forth trying to keep her soft soles away from Diane's face. Diane bites her lip as she blows gently on Rachel's foot making the toes twitch savoring the aroma and sight of Rachel's foot. She gently plants a soft delicate kiss on Rachel's arch, reveling in the sensation of Rachel's wrinkled soles against her lips. Rachel's eyes roll back in her head, enjoying the moment, but conflicted by the rage of her situation, sending her wild as she hates and loves the moment. Diane sends a long, wet adventurous up Rachel's foot, who bites back a low moan  as Diane's tongue runs from heel and finishes under Rachel's toes. The lick finishes with Diane sucking on Rachel's toes, her tongue probing around the pads of each toe. Rachel feels a familiar warmth on her cheeks as she begins to lose herself in the pleasure of the moment.  Diane breaks the worship and starts to rub Rachel's foot, her surprisingly strong fingers rubbing up the arch and cross the ball of her feet, teasing the disked woman.

"See, this isn't too bad," whispers a husky Diane as she plants a series of delicate kiss across Rachel's bare foot. Rachel says nothing, hoping she can escape and partially hoping Diane will continue.

Diane pulls away leaving the disked girl with her eye's bulging indignantly

"Now," says Diane as she straightens up, "I'm going to disappear now, but I will be watching you closely petal". Diane retrieves the cylinder containing Rachel's husband and tucks it into her bum pocket and pats it. "You get him back when this... misunderstanding goes away"  
Rachel's face drops as she resumes struggling, Diane titters

"Don't worry petal, this will wear off in a day or so... I think". Diane retrieves her boots and slips them on. "See you later petal" she calls as heads out the door.

Rachel is left in silence, her struggling has ceased and she stares dejectedly at the sofa cushion, the silence ringing in her ears and a single tear rolling down her cheek. She is unaware of how long she sits there, stuck, trapped and broken. Her misery is broken as she is picked up, her eyes swivel around as she is flipped over. Rachel is now held by a pair of wrinkled and liver spotted hands,  her world is filled by a smiling, wrinkled female face.

"Don't worry my dear, I'm here to help"

To be continued...
Under oath pt 1
Here is a new chapter in the on going Diane saga and follows on from Pass the Parcel pt. 3. Looks like Diane is up to her old tricks again... 
(Contortion and tickling)

"Okay" clapped the Greg the Yoga Instructor "that's it for today, great job folks".

The yoga class broke into the idle chatter as everyone rolled up their mats and headed for the door of the gymnasium. Bethan was heading out the door when Greg, the yoga instructor, calls her over. "Hey Beth, got a sec for me?"

"Sure Greg" she replies "whats up?"

"I've noticed your progressing really, really well and was wondering if you fancied trying something more advanced?"

"Sure thing" replied Bethan.

Greg leads her over to a nearby mat, he instructs Bethan to lie on the floor on her back and tells her to relax. He slowly bends stretches her legs to a full split and holds them there for a few seconds. He then moves her feet to either side of her face and presses her heels to her shoulders.

"Impressive" says Greg with a wry smile. Bethan grins back, wiggling her toes on her cheeks. "Ready for some more?"

"Oh hell yeah"

Greg pushes Bethan's legs back behind her head and crosses her ankles, pulling them tight behind her neck. He places one palms on her ass and another on her crossed ankles and presses down trying to straighten her spine whilst still in a human knot.

Bethan bites her lower lip as the stretch takes place, partially from the stretch, partially becuase Greg's thumb was very close to an intimate area. Being so close to his muscular body was not helping the situation at all. The sexual tension between these two was palpable.

Greg maintains the stretch "Comfy?" Bethan nods vigorously.

Greg presses hard and shifts his thumb across Bethan's ass, making her stomach do little flip-flops, being this bendy definately had it's uses, uses she couldn't wait for Greg to experience.

"Okay, now your suitably warmed up," he said giving a cheeky wink at his double entendre "we can head to the main movement". Bethan starts to blush furiously as Greg takes a firm grip of her feet and pulls them tighter across her back and slides them down her spine. Bethan grunts with the effort as the stretch comes across her hips. Her ankles slip easily below her shoulder blades and continue down. Greg, uses his feet to secure her ankles in place as he pulls Bethan's arms back, looping her elbows around her ankles. Greg brings Bethan's hands together over her stomach and places them palm to palm, as if in prayer. Bethan relaxes into the stretch as Greg gingerly steps away, watching to see if Bethan can hold the position of a tight  double budhasana.

Bethan has her eyes closed and focuses on her breathing that is until Greg sticks the cable ties around her wrists with a loud zip.

"Hey!" cries Bethan "very funny Greg, you can let me out now".  Bethan wobbles and totters on the mat as she tries to pull her hands free. Greg, loops additional ties around her wrists securing her in place.

What- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! STOP THAT!" Bethan's indignant squeals fall on deaf ears as Greg gently slides the now helpless Bethan off the mat and onto the cold floor and carefully rolls his mat up without so much as a word.

"C'mon Greg, this ain't funny no more, let me go!" pleads Bethan, her poor bare feet flailing uselessly under her arms. He strides over to the helpless Bethan, and picks her up off the floor by grabbing her feet, she bucks and squirms trying to break free.

"What are you doing, where are you taking me!" shouts Bethan, "I'll scream!"

Greg carries Bethan over to a pile of crash mats and sets her on top. "Greg, what are you doing... this is illegal, you can't tie me up and leave me like this, I'll call for help."

Greg strides over the Bethan's bag, rummages around in it and returns with her socks, he fashions them into a rope by tying them together "What the hell are doing with my socks? If you think they are going in my mo-MMMPPPFFGGGHHH" Her protestations muffled by her own stinky socks. Bethan realises she is totally helpless, she can wriggle her toes and rock her body, her hands are trapped and her ass and sex are barely concealed behind black leggings. She frantically flaps her feet and wriggles and writhes but can barely move.

Meanwhile Greg calmly heads for the door and before he reaches for the hand, he calls over his shoulder "I read your review online about my class Bethan", he says calmly, "It was very rude to call me an effeminate hack and a fraud, it left me exposed and ashamed. This will teach you a lesson and you'll see how I feel. Don't worry, I'll be back in the morning to let you out. G'nite! Sleep... tight."

He clicks the light off as he leaves. He wasn't going to leave her all night, he had a special friend coming to teach her a lesson she will never forget.

Bethan was unsure how time was progressing, it felt like  hours, thankfully her natural flexibility meant she wasn't crampy nor uncomfortable, just very, very stuck. After what seemed like an age, the door opened and light was thrown across the gym hall, Bethan blinks Someone was coming to rescue her! She struggles and calls through her gag and sure enough, the door closes and approaching footsteps ring out across the wooden floor. The light stays off. Weird thought Bethan, how can they untie me in the dark? The footsteps stop short of the matting and the sound of shoes sliding off reach Bethan's ears. The ringing footsteps are replaced by the padding of soft feet.Oookkkaaayyy, thinks Bethan, this is officially freaky. The footsteps stop and are replaced by a faint buzzing, What the-? is as far as Bethans thought goes before an electric toothbrush is run up her left foot and circles her pinky toe. Her feet go ballistic as she vainly tries to swat away the probing tool with her toes. Giggles and guffaws tumble out as the brush lingers on the arch of her left foot. The brush stops leaving Bethan breathing heavily, her hair plastered to her sweaty forehead. The buzzing sounds again.

Oh nononononononoNNOOOOOOO! she squeals as the right foot is attacked with the toothbrush, simultaneously, the arch left foot is probed by long nailed fingers, that skitter across her shapely foot. After several minutes, the ticking abates, leaving a now teary eyed Bethan breathing hard. The feet pad around to the front and a dark shape stand before Bethan, Oh no, no more please, please PLEASE , she begs, as the sharp nailed fingers now dance across her exposed butt. She bucks and rocks, screaming with a mixture of delight and horror as her shapely butt is tickle tormented by her unknown assailant. She bucks so hard, she rocks back onto he shoulders and is stuck, ass in the air, the tops of her feet are pressed into the crash mat. Her devious tickler sees that she can barely move her feet and now resumes tickling her big bare tootsies and throws in the occasional bite on the butt for good measure, Bethan goes wild, never has she been tickled like this before! The gag falls off, loosened by the squirming girl and her musical laughter and desperate pleas echo off the hall. The tickler is unrelenting, attacking heels, toes, tops of her her feet with hair brushes, tooth brushes, fingers and feathers. Every wrinkly inch of Bethan's feet has been probed, prodded and rubbed.

Eventually the torture stops and Bethan is righted onto her back. Her feet tingle from the attention they have received at the hands of her shadowed nemesis. She breathes in great gasps and is drenched in sweat. A soft female voice coos in her right ear "Greg says hi". There is a soft snick as the zip ties are removed and shadowed figure promptly walks away, her soft footfalls disappearing into the distance. Bethan blinks as the door briefly opens and closes throwing bright light across the room. Once again shrouded in the dark she groans as she extricates her contorted body from its awkward shape and stretches, clicking her spine. Okay, I definitely need to be more careful commenting... Bethan smiles, still, there are worse ways to spend an evening as she hobbles to the door.

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Dale decided to take Zoe to her first live action magic show. Dale was an amateur magician and they had first met when Zoe saw through one of his card tricks and thus ruined the trick. Far from being angry, Dale was taken back by the striking blond beauty. They had hit if off immediately and began dating soon after. However, Zoe remained skeptical of magic and this was a source of frustration in their relationship. But after some persistent persuasion, Zoe finally had agreed to go watch a live action magic show with Dale.

The magic act had gone through the basic tricks repertoire of any big standard magic, all done well, but clearly well worn. The auditorium was small, in need of some work, showing its age with its faded art deco interior. The room was half empty as the act was winding up for the grand finale, with the appearance of an achingly pretty, scantily clad female assistant lightly skipping across the stage in a leotard that could only be described as fitting where it touched. Her long supple legs were encased in sheer tan pantyhose.

"Wow, she is hot! Nice body!" Zoe slapped Dale's arm and glared at him.

"Don't get any funny ideas buster, remember who you're going home with!" Zoe wagged her finger with mock anger, as a smirk creeps across her lips.

Dale chuckled and slipped an arm around her.

"She is really beautiful. What a sexy outfit!" Zoe admitted grudgingly.

The female assistant pranced across the stage and posed next to the familiar horizontal magic box. She appeared all too enthusiastic to participate in the magic trick and to Zoe this assistant girl looked like she was wearing a perpetual plastic smile.

"This is so cliche, I know what the next magic trick is," Zoe stated confidently. "It's going to be the sawing a girl in half trick."

The female assistant was more than eager to help introduce the prop for the magic trick by opening up the magic box and showing that it was just an innocent empty box. The aging magician slipped her inside the box. The typical, hackneyed preamble played out with the girl getting her high heeled shoes removed and her ankles locked down by ankle stocks, leaving her pantyhose-covered feet to bop in time with the music playing in the background. She laid back inside the box so that her head emerged from the other end of the box and her neck would be secured in position by neck stocks. The lid was closed and her body became completely enclosed within the magical box. The assistant girl continued to smile as happily as ever and made it look like she was innocently naive of what was about to happen to her. But because her body was enclosed by the box, it raised the possibility that the box was hiding the secret to the magic trick.

"I know how this works, she is curled up in the top halve of the box," complained an increasingly bored Zoe. "Those aren't her real feet. She must have swapped fake legs and feet into the lower box somehow. I don't know how she did it, but she must have. The magician might have helped her do it."
"Just watch," Dale replied knowing that the magic show had a surprise twist coming up for skeptics just like Zoe.

Zoe sighed and folded her arms in reluctance. "Fine..."

In order to prove that the lovely assistant's feet were really protruding from the end of the box, the magician tickled her feet, causing her to laugh out loud at the other end of the box.

The magic trick proceeded with the obligatory tired flourishes of the large saw because the magician wanted to be dramatic showing that it was genuine and really sharp. He wanted to sell the idea that this was a very dangerous magic trick to perform and that the girl was very brave for being willing to have something so dangerous done to her. For some in the audience, this did elicit the desired sympathetic effect of fear for the safety of the assistant girl. The magician waved the saw threateningly over his helpless female assistant before he proceeded to saw into the box. The female assistant actually started to look worried. This was unexpected, Zoe thought. The saw sliced deeper and deeper down into the box. Now it looked like the saw had cut deep enough into the box that the saw would be slicing into the helpless girl, if her real legs were actually inside the lower box that is. Zoe watched intently as a small pile of sawdust accumulated on the floor. The female assistant's facial expressions surprised Zoe. She gripped the arms of her chair as the assistant girl's reaction suddenly changed from plastic smiles to panic and pain as her feet start flapping and her head thrashed from side to side. Zoe suddenly also feared for the girl's safety. Was she really being cut in half?

"That looks like it really hurts," Zoe said as she started to wonder if the girl was really being sawn in half.

"She is just acting like she is being sawn in half. She isn't really being cut in half. But her acting is very good. She really looks like she's in a great deal of pain," said Dale reassuringly.
At Dale's reassurance, Zoe dispelled the possibility that she was actually watching a girl being sawn in half for real. It was just a magic trick, an entertaining performance of faked danger and feigned peril for this poor damsel in distress. The female assistant cried out in pain and pleaded for the magician to stop sawing her in half. But Zoe was now confident again that she was just watching a magic trick. The female assistant was just acting.

"If I were inside the box, I could act like I was in pain, too," whispered Zoe, "I would scream, shriek, moan, and grunt believablely to act like I was being cut in half."

"No you wouldn't, you'd be bored," Dale contended.

Zoe slapped Dale's arm and shouted in her most convincing voice, "I can pretend like I am very scared just before I am about to be sawn in half! And I would give a hair-raising scream during the sawing! I can be an even more convincing actress than that girl... who is NOT really being sawn in half!" Her outburst attracted angry glares from the people around her.

Dale just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

The tired magic trick took an unexpected turn as the box covers were removed revealing a thin plexiglass frame clearly showing the female assistant inside. The female assistant's pantyhose-covered feet were still moving and wiggling at the end of box as the saw continued to slice through the midsection of her body. The assistant girl shrieked in pain and anguish.

Zoe stared in shock and horror as she watched the saw slicing into the girl, who really appeared to be suffering. She spotted Dale looking at her expectedly. "Still bored?" he said with a wide grin on his face. "Still think that she isn't really being sawn in half? Believe in magic now? I mean you can see the saw cutting her."

"Obviously, we can see right through the box and we can see that half of her is inside each halve of the box," Zoe testily replied. But Zoe couldn't stop being skeptical. "But it's just impossible. It has to be an optical illusion."

Zoe was really concentrating hard, trying her best to see the secret of the magic trick. "That looks really impossible. How are her feet still moving?" Zoe thought to herself. The table upon which the box sat was so very thin, and it appeared like there was nowhere for the female assistant to hide her body. Was this girl really being sawn in half right before her very eyes? Zoe stared in disbelief as the saw cut clean through the girl and came out the other side of the box.

The trick moved to its predictable conclusion with the female assistant split into two pieces at opposite ends of the stage, feet moving and hands waving in the spotlights to polite applause. The female assistant was all plastic smiles again, as if there was nothing the matter wrong with her and as if she enjoyed having been sawn in half. The magician wanted to prove again that his lovely assistant's feet were really protruding from the end of the lower box halve, so he tickled her feet again. The lovely girl started laughing at the other end of the stage in the other box and pleaded for him to stop tickling her. She was really ticklish. He tickled her until she could no longer bear it any more and tears were rolling down her eyes from laughing so hard. The magician stopped tickling her and resumed the trick. The process was reversed and the girl was allowed to hop out of the box whole and unharmed, and at the same time, proud and triumphant. She appeared thoroughly satisfied at accomplishing this impossible feat. The crowd went wild when they saw this thrilling finale. The applauded loudly in approval of seeing this girl being sawn in half and then restored. She bowed and curtsied a few times to the audience's applause before daintily walking off stage in her pantyhosed feet in search of her high heels. She looked none the worse for wear in spite of her recent death-defying adventure. The curtain fell and the auditorium lights came up. The quiet murmuring shuffles of people trudging to exit filled the air. Zoe got up to leave but Dale pulled her back.

"Hang on a sec," he said, "I have something to show you."

"Okay..." Zoe was perplexed, especially by the leering grin on Dale's face.

The auditorium cleared leaving Zoe in her seat, frowning, her foot tapping impatiently on the floor. "Well?" she demanded "Why are we still here?"

Dale was still leering. "C'mon, I'm gonna take you backstage."

"Backstage? Oh... okay." Zoe was intrigued. "What are we going to do?"
Dale chuckled. "You'll see."

As they walked through the vacant aisles Dale called over his shoulder, "What did you think of the final magic trick?"

Zoe paused for a moment as she considered her verdict. "It was good, almost believable. I liked how her legs and feet were in full view during the whole illusion. It really looked like her legs were in the lower half box during the whole illusion. So it looked like she was really sawn in half."
"Sounds like you were impressed," suggested Dale. With an athletic bound he jumped on stage. Zoe took a moment to admire his fine bottom and long muscular legs beneath his jeans.

"I admit it, I was amazed. I was very impressed. It was an excellent magic trick. I can't figure out the secret but I simply cannot believe that she was sawn in half for real." Zoe did her best to look dignified and sound rational. "It is clearly beyond the limits and bounds of reality to saw a girl in half and then restore her," she stated logically.

"What if it was real?" asked Dale as he reached down to pull Zoe onto the stage.

"Ha ha Dale, magic isn't real," said Zoe, taking Dale's hand. "It was just a magic trick, and everyone knows how it's done. If there is a big box, then the trick uses two girls. If there is a thin box, then the trick uses one girl and fake legs that look just like her legs." Dale pulled her onstage and led her to the back. Their footsteps echoed across the empty auditorium as they headed into the darkness of the backstage behind the musty curtain.

Dale smiled, "You're confident about your assessment of all the facts?"

"Magic isn't real. You can't really saw a girl in half and then restore her back to one whole piece," replied Zoe bluntly.

"So you'd be willing to have a go?
"Yes, yes," replied Zoe absent mindedly as she carefully walked in the darkness "Why is it so dark in here?"

"Oh just a sec... Ah ha!"

There was a metallic buzz as the dingy yellow lights warmed up. Right in front of her, Zoe spotted the same familiar magical box used in the magic show. In addition, hanging off one end was the tiniest leotard she had ever seen - the same design as the leotard that the female magician's assistant was wearing. Zoe's eyes gleamed with a heady mix of excitement and nervousness... she had a pretty good idea what her boyfriend was planning to do.

"Is that... that's... for me?" Zoe asked gesturing to the clothing.

"It can be. Would you like to assist me Zoe?"

"Assist you?..." Zoe's heart skipped a beat at the thought. She hesitated at the idea of getting into the magic box and allowing herself to be sawn in half, even if it was just a silly magic trick.

"Yes, please?" Dale looked at her with his big brown eyes, imploring her consent. "You would make a lovely magician's assistant. And you would make a much better actress than that magician's female assistant."

Zoe melted a little at his sincere compliments and bit her lips as she decided to consent. "Sure, I'd volunteer to be a magician's assistant. I will do it only for you. I will be your beautiful magician's assistant." The look of pleasure on Dale's face filled her with warm feelings inside.

"YES! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Dale's grin now ran from ear to ear and his hands were shaking with anticipation.

"You can insert your saw into my box..." However, Zoe was not about to let herself be cut in half for real, so she bargained with Dale, "Not all the way, though, just halfway inside my box. I'll do it just so I can find out the secret of how the trick works."

"Sure babe, you can just be the assistant until you figure out how the trick works," Dale replied knowing that as long as Zoe got inside the box, she wouldn't be able to escape at all and he'd be able to do anything that he wanted to her.

"So you will tell me how the trick works if I agree to be your lovely volunteer magician's assistant?"

Zoe started to climb into the box and was about to swing her legs over when Dale interrupted.
"Ahem," he coughed with the tiny leotard dangling off one finger and a pair of sheer nude beige pantyhose in the other hand.

"Oh, I'd have to wear a sexy outfit, too?"

Dale winks "Yep!"

"Oh... my... okay..."

Zoe sauntered over and delicately lifted the leotard off his finger then started to slide her jeans down. She caught Dale still staring at her, his eyes practically popping out of his head.

"Excuse me... turn around... no peeking," she purred. Dale had the good grace to look a bit sheepish as he turned around. Zoe slid off her jeans from her perfect round ass with a little shimmy and stepped out of them and her shoes in a single fluid movement. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Dale peeking and decided she would do a strip tease. She lingered in his gaze, exaggerating her movements knowing he was watching. She removed her bra and panties, then turned around with her hands strategically placed.

"Take a picture... it'll last longer..." She smiled as his head whipped around to look. Zoe started to get into costume by rolling up the pantyhose and sliding them onto her legs one leg at a time. She sat down and lifted her legs and in the air as she wiggles her toes to reach the end of the pantyhose, pulling them up and adjusting the seams so that they were placed perfectly across her dainty toes. She was proud of her beautiful long legs and she knew just how to use them to get her boyfriend's attention. Just the way that she played with her pantyhose was getting her boyfriend hot and excited. Next, she slipped into the elastic form-fitting leotard. The leotard was low cut with a plunging neckline and designed to emphasize the chest. The material was silky smooth and cool against Zoe's skin and otherwise naked body. Dale had lost all pretense and was visibly oogling Zoe. The leotard straps went over her shoulders. Zoe tossed her head back and her blond bob was given a quick swish. Zoe felt fantastic as Dale practically drank her in. His eyes were like those of a man dying of thirst finding a cool glass of water in the desert. Zoe stood before Dale, poised with one hand on her hips and the other hand in her hair, sexily posing like a real life attractive magician's assistant.

Dale swallowed visibly, his voice cracking for a moment "S-shall we..."

He led her onto the table and secured her feet and chest with two small straps at the ends. She grunted as the pressure of the straps pressed into her. It was almost unpleasant as it pressed down tightly across her chest, almost pinching her. She squirmed a little testing her restraints. Dale's eyes never leave her body for a moment as he ran his hands down her belly and her thighs. Zoe's eyes fluttered at the feeling of the leotard bodice material covering her skin and the touch of her boyfriend's hands running smoothly up and down her body because of the soft leotard and pantyhose.
Dale said nothing and placed the two plexiglass boxes over her body accompanied by the neck and ankle stocks. Zoe was now completely enclosed within the magical box, however, her whole body including her legs and feet were going to be in full view for her boyfriend during the whole illusion.

"Ahem, we need to make it look like it's a real magic trick, so we need your realistic performance as a great actress."

Dale took out the sharp saw and waved it threateningly over Zoe's body.

"You want me to beg you not to saw me in half?" Zoe raised a quizzical eyebrow, "Alright..."

Zoe made a play of it and dramatically squirmed her hips and thrashed her head from side to side, showing how she had no way to get out of the magic trick. She was completely trapped inside the box. Her feet wiggled and flailed around, emphasizing the fact they were indeed very, very real. She pleaded in the most convincing manner "No no no no no no, PLEASE DON'T! Don't saw me in half." Her squirming pinched the skin around her chest and ankles in a pleasing way, whilst the feeling of the leotard material against the inside of her thighs and even the soft rustling sounds of the nylon pantyhose on her legs and feet rubbing against one another started to excite her. Zoe was getting into playing the role of a damsel in distress and she quite liked it. It was a new experience for her. "Please, oh please don't saw me in half," she cried melodramatically. Dale was mesmerized standing there watching with a strange faraway look in his eyes.

Zoe stopped acting for a moment as she noticed that Dale was visibly becoming aroused. "Is this turning you on?" Dale's eyes locked onto hers. "Admit it, it's turning you on. I can see that you're getting aroused by the idea of sawing me in half," Zoe whispered with a smile. She was amused that her boyfriend was getting so turned on.

"You can put your saw halfway in, and pretend as if you are about to saw me in half," Zoe suggested.

However, Dale had other plans in mind. Zoe was in no position to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her. He was planning on going all the way with her tonight.

Dale smiled and stroked her face as he pushed the saw really really deep into the box, causing her to squeal and jump in surprise.

"EEP!" Zoe cried in surprise. Dale pushed it in much deeper than she was expecting. She felt it in her body.

"You pushed it in too deep!" Zoe yelled.

Dale dragged the saw backwards, sending delightful vibrations down through the magical box and into her body. These vibrations caused sensations of pleasure and tickling inside of her body. In response, Zoe cooed and gasped, while her toes spread and curled in pantyhose, and her hands balled into fists. For a brief moment, she didn't mind that her boyfriend had pushed it in so deep.
The saw sliced further and further down into her. Zoe started becoming alarmed by the depth that Dale was sawing. If he continued like this, she was going to get cut in half for real.

The saw sliced in deeper, the vibrations were more insistent


The sawing continued. There was a sudden painful prick of the skin as the saw made a fleeting contact with her body. It felt like a paper cut sting, but a really deep one. Zoe became scared. It really stung and it was starting to hurt.


Dale paused and stared at her, "Stop?"

"You're scaring me. I can't move at all. I can't pull my feet up nor curl my legs up."

"I thought you wanted to find out the secret?"

"I do but... I don't want to be in halves. I like being in one piece!"

"But just think, two pieces twice the fun!"

"Please, don't do it. Please don't saw me in half, AAHHHHH!" Zoe squealed as Dale resumed sawing
and the saw made contact with her skin, "Please don't cut my legs off. I want to keep my beautiful legs!" Zoe was no longer being an actress now. She was really scared.

The sawing paused for a moment. "Zoe honey, I would never do anything dangerous to you... I would never hurt you, honey. Trust me, you're gonna love this. The secret of this magic trick is that there is no trick. The magician's assistant is really cut in half." Dale took her hand and gave it a little squeeze, a comforting sentimental touch to reassure Zoe. "Try to lose yourself in this moment, just lie back and enjoy the experience of being sawn in half like a beautiful magician's assistant," suggested Dale. "Remember, the magician's assistant always climbs out of the box unharmed at the end of the magic trick."

Zoe took a deep breath and settled herself down. It was hard for her not to worry. She was skeptical.


After a long thoughtful pause, thinking about all the magician's assistants who have climbed out of the box unharmed at the end of the magic trick, she finally consented for him to keep going inside of her.

"Ready," Zoe replied reluctantly.

"Okay, here we go..."

The saw resumed its action, slicing through the box and Zoe. She squeaked as the saw broke the skin, a feeling akin to her first time, an apt metaphor considering the circumstances. She was a virgin when it came to being a magician's assistant. A slight pressure, some discomfort and then followed by sweet, sweet bliss. Such unexpected magical blissful sensations. She found the feeling both pleasing and deeply intimate, the magical vibrations, the pressure, the restraints, and her man deep inside of her and working her hard. He pushed the saw in and out of her. Her knees cringed together as a familiar warm sensation spread up her legs towards her crotch. Her toes clenched and her eyes rolled back inside her head. Dale was almost through and was going to come out the other side of the box. She breathed deeply and heavily, her chest heaving, her eyes closed as her feet rubbed against one another, the feel and sound of the nylon pantyhose material against her skin aroused her further and further along. These pantyhose felt amazing on her long legs! She strained against her bonds reveling in the pressure and bondage. She ran her hands across her body luxuriating in the feel of smooth leotard bodice material and her own body underneath. She felt the sensations inside her body reach the highest climax and burst into pleasurable explosion between her legs, and then as if on cue, Dale stopped sawing. It was because Dale had finished sawing through her. It gave Zoe a moment to catch her breath and bask in the afterglow of pleasure. However, she was still breathing hard as Dale rolled her lower half around. She watched him intently as she spotted pantyhose feet sticking out of a box coming towards her on a trolley. Dale rolled them next to her and she wiggled her own toes. These toes moved in the same way. Her heart skipped a beat and she gingerly reached out to touch them. She ran her hand up the soles of her feet, simultaneously surprised, horrified, and excited at the thought of them being separated from her.

"My God... It was real," moaned Zoe. "It is really real..."

Dale grinned and leaned in next to Zoe's face, resting his head on his folded arms. "You like it? Did you enjoy it?"

Dale decided to tickle Zoe. He ran his skittering fingers up her soles making her jump and squeal .
"EEEEE! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEEE!" Zoe squealed. The sensation of the pantyhose on her soft soles almost made her climax again and left her breathless and hungry for more .

Zoe gripped him by his shirt and pulled him in, kissing him fiercely. Dale was startled by the vehemence but quickly recovered his composure then responded in kind by kissing her deeply. After they shared a long period of intimate kissing, they took a break for a moment and looked deep into each other's eyes.

"All these years, I thought it was a magic trick. I believed that it was impossible to saw a girl in half. I thought it was just a fake trick done with optical illusions, trapdoors, or a hidden secret. And tonight you've shown me that it's possible to go beyond the limits of reality."

"If you do not believe it is possible, then you will never achieve the impossible. I promised you that you would find out how the trick worked if you agreed to be my lovely magician's assistant."

"I still can't believe it... you really did saw me in half. I can't figure out how you did this to me."

"You don't need to be able to understand it. It was simply magic!"

Zoe stared at him in disbelief. She gave Dale a puzzled look and then glanced over at her disembodied legs and feet with toes wiggling underneath pantyhose.

"Honey, it's magic..." Dale reassured her again, and he closed in to give her several deep kisses. He kissed her until the tension in her puzzled furrowed eyebrows released.

Zoe finally conceded, "I am a skeptic no more... it really is possible to saw a girl in half." She smiled blissfully, happy in accepting the fact that she was magically sawn in half by her boyfriend... who seemed to have a thing for sexy magician's assistants. "Now, about this other thing... I realized it was turning you on. I could see that you were getting aroused by sawing me in half," she teased and taunted him, waving her feet around. Her eyes looked down to the fly of this pants which looked tighter than they normally did.

"You know... we don't have to put you together right away..." Dale replied mischievously.
Zoe did her best to open up her pantyhose legs and spread her legs apart. She smiled and smoldered as she whispered. "What are you waiting for tiger?"

The end

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A compression/contortion story

The combination of pale yellow lamp light and the faint fluorescent glow of the computer screen was starting to strain Kims eyes. She slipped her glasses off her face and stretched back in her chair, cracking her back. Slipping her socked feet into her lab shoes, Kim shuffled over to the coffee machine and wearily placed her stained mug under the nozzle for some liquid motivation. She glanced at her watch, 9:51pm, Kim groans. Kim had been working from QuanTech for almost a year, the pay was insanely good, but the hours and the targets were equally crazy. It was worth it to be on the cutting edge of quantum technology and things that QuanTech were developing... well, they were nothing short of magical really, but your personal life, didn't really exist.

Her malaise was broken by her lab door swinging open and Alodie, Kim's lab-mate, strode in with a big cheesy grin on her face. "Evening Kim"

"Evening, still here too?"

"Yup, and what an evening it is too" replied Alodie

Kim cocked her head to one side, "Oh? Do share?"

Alodie giggled as she skipped over to Kim "You know that QuanTech are developing a metal that increases the strength of molecular bonds between


"Well, I have been playing around with it in my spare time as a... ahem, hobby. I think I have revesered to process and can make the bonds weaker and can slip and flow around one another." Alodie stared straight into Kims big brown eyes excitedly and gripped Kims shoulders.

"So...." said Kim with a raised eyebrow...

"So anything in contact with the metal takes on its properties and is more flexible and stretchy." "I built this new metal into a fabric and made myself this," with a flourish Alodie stepped out of her lab coat and shoes to reveal a figure hugging purple-black suit. The fabric offered no sheen to it anywhere and seemed to absorb light that hit it. Alodie pranced around in her new suit and seductively rolled her shoulder and gave Kim a little wink as her wavy chestnet brown hair fell over her delicate elfin features.

"So what do you think?"

Kim gave a little whistle as she admired the soft curves of Alodies body, her long supple legs, her thin waist and the small swellings of her pert breasts. The suit covered Alodie from the head down to her ankles so only her pale skin of head hands and feet were visible. "Thats impressive Alodie, really amazing," exclaimed Kim. "Jenny will be so pleased to have a new product, but erm... what are you doing with it on?"

"Well," said Alodie, "allow me to show you..." Alodie bent her backwards and her arms reached her heels. Alodie pushed her arms between her legs and pulled her shoulders through to fold her body into an incredibly tight backbend. Incredibly, she now walked around with her upper back between her legs and gave a little twirl...

"Holy shit!" cried Kim, "Thats incredible!"

Alodie waddled over to her desk lowered herself onto the seat and crossed her legs underneath her chest "I know right?? It feels amazing, I can't feel any pain at all and I haven't found my limits yet." Alodie's expression brightened "I don't suppose you er... Fancy helping me test this out? See if we can't find my limits?"

"I dunno," said Kim "its getting late, I was going home in an hour or two, plus I have a load of coding to finish off."

"C'mon Kim, please? I can't ask any of those male perverts down in Metallurgy can I, they'd never let me out of a knot!"

Kim sighed "Okay... It might be a nice distraction from coding for a while."

"Yay!" cried Alodie as she clapped her hands together.

"What do you want me to do" asked Kim.

"Okay, so you need to sit of the floor, pop your shoes off and put your feet on my thighs and pull my arms as far as you can, I want to see how far I can stretch."

Kim obliged and proceeded to pull Alodie through her own legs. Alodie's back began to stretch out beyond its normal limits and Alodie's grin got wider.

"Keep going, Kim" cried Alodie.

Kim was at full stretch with her arms overhead and Alodies lower half still on the chair, Alodie's back was streched like a taught elastic band and Kim was straining to maintain the position.

"I can't... keep... this..." grunted Kim through gritted teeth "Your hands are slipping"

Kim had a brief look of shock as Alodie's hands slipped through Kim's and Alodies body snapped back to regular proportions. The force was so great that the chair Alodies lower half was sat on, also flew backwards and dumped Alodie in a messy pile of limbs on the floor that struggled and flailed to right itself.

Kim rushed over and started to untangle Alodies body, Kim had to pull Alodies legs apart as her head had gone back with such force that her head was now buried in her crotch with Alodie's legs criss-crossed into front of her face. Kim managed to prize Alodie's legs apart and pull her head out of her crotch, Alodie giggled as Kims fingers inadvertedly brushed some intimate areas. Alodie said nothing as she was pulled back to normal by Kim, however a deep sexual tension hung in the air.

"So, what now? It seems your pretty elastic in that suit." asked Kim, "Any more testing?"

Alodie sat up and wiggled fingers and toes to test they all worked. "I can think of one more."

Alodie proceeded to put her legs behind her head and started to slide her legs down her back "push my legs down as far as they can go"


Kim proceeded to push Alodie's long narrow feet down behind Alodies back until both feet were crossed behind Alodies straight back. Alodie sat on the floor with her feet by her hips and toes flexing as she moved around on her hands. "Cool!" she exclaimed as she waddled around the lab in a full Di Mario Knot "can you try and fold me again, I reckon I got somemore give in me"

"Okay," shrugged Kim

Kim pushed Alodie onto her front and with Alodie, still in a DiMario knot began to force her body into a backbed, with her legs still tucked behind her back. Kim had to puch with one of Alodies more intimate areas and began to push it towards the centre of Alodie's back. Alodie cooed and clenched her toes as her privates warmed under Kims palm, the pressure and tightness of her body built up. Kim marvelled at how little resistence there was to this movement and was certainly enjoying running her hands over Alodies supple, rubbery body. Alodie's legs were now rolled up inside her torso. To stop Alodie unrolling, Kim sat astride Alodie's body and pulled Alodies arms up, and forced them between her tightly rolled knees. Alodie giggled as her and Kim's fingers brushed the soft soles of her feet. Kim got off Alodie who was now tightly rolled in a ball and unable to move any more than waving her hands and feet. Kim stood back to admire her handy work.

"Thats not... thats a new one on me Kim," said Alodie, "I er.... can't really move, I appear to be stuck."

"Hmmmm, so you are," mused Kim, "sorry for being so handsy, I guess I got carried away."

Alodie winked at Kim "Nothing to be sorry for, I quite enjoy the attention and being folded like this is really, really hot."

Kim smiled, "yeah it is weirdly hot."

"I don't suppose you can lift me off the floor and onto a desk or something, I am a bit of a trip hazard down here!"

"Of course," said Kim as she lifted Alodie onto her desk.

"So... Any chance of you letting me out soon?" asked Alodie, playfully waving her bare feet around,

"I reckon so..." said Kim "after I tickle your feet!"

Wha... No, no, please your so mean! I can't get away, please ahahahahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA"

Kim raked her fingers across Alodies long slender soles sending her into fits of laughter as her feet flailed uselessly at the probing fingers of Kim. Tears rolled down Alodie's face as the tickling stopped leaving her breathing heavily.

"Kim, what... the... hell...!" cried Alodie "You can't do that to me when I am like this!"

Kim looked bashfully at the floor realising she may have gone too far "Sorry Alodie, I..."

Alodie cut Kim off mid sentence."Shush shush... You need to make it up to me, finish what you started"


"Yes," continued Alodie, "you have got me all revved up and I need you to finish me off. I need you to kiss me and I need you to play with me."

Kim bit her lip nervously, she had never been with a woman before but something about dominating this rubbery petite brunette made her insides ache. She gently cupped Alodies face and kissed her on the lips, Alodie immediately responded her mouth and tongue eagerly exploring Kim's. Kim melted in the passion and heat of the moment as all doubts trickled away. Kim ran her hands over Alodie's contorted body and brushed her fingers against her feet and her quivering pubus mons, elliciting little explosive gasps of pleasure. The skin tight fabric left little to the imagination, especially now it was pulled taut over Alodie's tight body and Kim ran her thumb inside Alodies lips gently, Alodie softly moans "yes, yes, oh just there yes."

Kim pulls Alodie off the desk and sets her onto her lap she softly strokes Alodie's clitoris and left foot as one would stroke a cat. Kim can feel the heat of Alodie's sex in her hand and caresses the wrinkles on her foot gently the urgency of the stroking increases and Alodies moans become louder and more insistent as climax drew nearer, Kim stopped playing with Alodie's foot and slides the free hand down the soft curve of her belly to her own warm and wet sex where her fingers perfom an intimate ballet on two people. Both women came, long and deeply as the passion reached the natural cresendo. Alodie is restored to the desk where the two ladies gaze at each other.

"I err, should probably let you out now," said Kim, breaking the warm afterglow

"Ah, yes please, I should probably get going soon and get out of this suit."    

Kim gently unfolded Alodie's arms and let her body naturally unroll to a normal position and pulled her legs from behind her back. Alodie seemed a little unsteady and Kim helped her to her feet.

"Wow, serious jelly legs" muttered Alodie as she tottered unsteadily on her feet "Guess you did a real number on me there Kim"

Before Kim could answer, Alodie's legs buckled and she collapsed in a heap on the floor. Alodie's arms, legs and spine had gone as limp as over-cooked spagetti and collapsed under her.  

"Ah shit..." groaned Alodie,

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" cried Kim,

"Yeah, I'm fine," said a resigned Alodie, "I thought I'd fixed the exposure problem. Help me out of this suit."

"Sure thing, wheres the zipper"

"On the back"

"Ah ha! I got it but it's stuck"


"Yeah its gone all rubbery"

"Fuck!" cried Alodie, "I am bloody stuck!"

"Hang on," said Kim, "I'll cut you out"

"You can't, it won't work" said Alodie "its going to affect the scissors in same way, they won't cut me out before they turn to rubber too"

Kim tried picking Alodie off the floor but it was proving difficult, Alodie's body was completely limp and the slick fabric made picking her up off the floor almost impossible. With a click of her fingers Kim hit upon a solution. She laid Alodie out on the floor face up. Kim tested Alodie's flexibility by pushing her toes towards her knees, causing her shin to flex and bend.

"You feel that Alodie?"


"Okay, sweet," said Kim "I have an idea."  

"Oh c'mon no more knots Kim, please?"

Kim, ignoring Alodies protestations, picked up Alodie's legs and wrapped them behind her head and shoulders and tied them as if tying a shoelace. Alodies arms were wrapped around her feet and her arms tied in a knot at the front to stop them slipping. Now Alodie's slippery limp body was secure, Kim was able to pick Alodie up by her feet and set her down on a chair. Alodie glared at Kim, her toes angrily twitched and hands were bunched into fists

"This was you big idea? Turning me into a pretzel??" Alodie said as she slumped in the chair, her hands and feet hanging limply in the air.

"It's just temporary until I figure out how to get you out of your suit"

"I need to get back to the metals lab," said Alodie, "I have tools that will weaken the metal's properties long enough for me to get out."

"So we wait til the day shift and we can get people to help?"

"No, no way!" cried Alodie "I erm... Kinda went off project... Used materials I wasn't supposed too."

"You what!"

"Look Kim, I could get fired and I need QuanTech to put my body back the way it was. Unless I fix this soon, the change will be permanent."

"Fine, fine..." sighed Kim "I can't carry you down to the lab and I need to keep you out of sight... I got it! I have an old rucksack, I'm sure I can squeeze you in!"

"Great, more squishing..." muttered Alodie with a roll of her eyes...

Kim rummaged under a desk a produced a hiking backpack. Alodie raised an eyebrow. "I'm never going to fit in there," cried Alodie. Kim said nothing as she slid the rucksack over Alodie's bum. The rucksack slid up to Alodie's chest, Kim unwrapped Alodie's legs and arms so they hung loosely down the sides of the rucksack. "See," said Alodie "I told you I wouldn't fit." Kim smiled as she cracked her knuckles and replied "we'll see" with a wry smile. Alodie bit her lip with nervousness as Kim pushed her head and shoulders into the rucksack, Alodie's eyes bulged as she slid further inside the rucksack, her body beginning to compress slightly. Kim grunted with effort and with one hand on Alodie's head, Kim's other hand began stuffing Alodies arms and legs into the rucksack. The bag bulged as Alodie's petite squishy body completely filled every available inch of space. Only Alodie's right leg was left outside the bag, Kim wrapped Alodie's leg around her neck and tied it in a loop. Kim fed Alodie's foot and ankle through the loop so Alodie's right foot was pressed against her face. Kim pulled the loop tight so Alodies foot was sitting sole up, with her long wriggly toes rubbing the back of her head.

"Ooooh a foot pillow" cooed Alodie as she rubbed her cheek against the arch of her foot. She gave her foot a little kiss and ran her tongue over her sole "mmmm, tasty foot pillow"

Kim just stared as imagined the possibilities, she and this squishy little temptress could get up too. Alodie spotted Kim's interest and playfully bit her foot and winked at Kim. Kim shook her head, focussing on the here and now and not her deviant desires, "C'mon, we'd better get you fixed."

Kim crept out of her office door with Alodie, tightly bundled up in her rucksack, her head and right foot poking out the top. Kim slipped along the corridors in the inky black twilight of a lab at night, her footsteps masked by the hum of machinery and neural nets.

"Psst" whispered Kim

"Yeah" came the muffled reply from her rucksack,

"Which Lab were you set up in?"

"James' lab"


Kim crept down the corridor, looking for the right lab. Kim came to a halt and saw the thumb print ID pad, with two LED lights above it.

"Shit" cursed Kim.

"What, what is it?"

"I can't open the door, I'm not coded for this area."

"I am" called Alodie, "Just fish out my hand, it's in here somewhere"

Kim slid the rucksack off her back and set it carefully on the floor. Alodie's cheeky grin and soft white sole were illuminated in the moonlight as Kim cast around in the bag for Alodie's hand. Alodie, squeaked and giggled as Kim found a sensitive spot or accidently goosed her. Eventually the hand was found and pulled to the front. Alodie laid her thumb upon the metal pad and the LED lights blinked red and the magnetic latch buzzed, making both girls flinch. "Try again" urged Alodie, Kim dutifully gave a second try with the same insistent buzz.

Alodie's eyes began to shine with tears at the thought of being stuck in this suit for the night. Kim's heart went out to her contorted colleague. She set a soft hand against Alodie's cheek. "Hey, it'll be okay, we'll chat with Jenny and see if we can't fix you up." Alodie nodded weakly "Your right Kim, I'm sorry I dragged you into this."

Kim smiled, "You know what," she began "I'm not, it was surprisingly fun."

Alodie chuckled, "yeah it was wasn't it."

"We could always... go back to mine?" suggested Kim, "You know, until your sorted..."

Alodie grinned "we could couldn't we." with her eyes as wide as dinner plates and her foot twitching excitedly.

"Shall we get out of here for the night?"

"Yes please!"

Kim gently closed her bag up and picked up her rucksack, heading for the exit and a very interesting night...

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The counselor sat opposite yet another feuding couple. She peers over the top of her glasses, carefully studying the couple before her, drinking the nuances of their body language and posture. She scribbles a notes in her neat precise hand into a notepad resting on top of her grey pencil skirt. Her long supple, pantyhose clad legs are crossed with her left foot dangling casually in the air with her heel popping as her toes flex, this session was going to be a long one...

"So Richard," began the counselor, "How have things been with Laura since our last session?"

Richard is sat with his chin resting on his knuckles, his body angled away from his wife, he looks utterly despondent.

"Crap," comes the terse reply

"Care to elaborate?"


"Oh... I see..." more notes are furiously scribbled, momentarily catching Richard's attention as he attempts to casually see what is being jotted down. Next to him, his wife seethes, arms crossed and nostrils flaring.

"And you Laura?"

Laura sighs and rubs her eyes under her glasses, "Well it's as before," said Laura, with a toss of her blond hair, "he doesn't speak to me, all he wants to do is play computer games, he's lazy around the house and the other day I found his porn stash on his phone."

"Well serves you right for snooping," replies Richard testily. "Besides your no better, if you actually made an effort with me, I wouldn't need to jerk off! If you became any more frigid, a light would come on everytime you open your legs!"

"Oh please! Sex with you is like a raid by the SAS, your in and out quick and no-one notices," retorts Laura.

"Well if you feel like that maybe I'll find someone else!"

"Honey, you couldn't get laid in womans prison with a fistful of pardons..."

"Why don't you just fuc-"

"Okay guys," says the counselor cutting in with her hands up, "remember what we discussed last time, we need to use gentle statements, respect the others feelings. Shall we try our 'I feel' statements? Laura, shall we start with you."

"I feel, Richard that you could do more around the house, I respect your need for down time but I need some help," says Laura through gritted teeth

"Well Laura, I feel your a complete pain the ass nagging all the time"

The counselor flinches as the couple fly at each other once again, this was not going well. These two lunatics have been coming for weeks and very little progress had been made. Everytime they came into her office, her soul died a little on the inside, these two morons were just incapable of listening to each other and she always ended up with a blinding headache not exactly the ideal start to a Monday morning. Feeling the familiar and powerful need to bash her head against the wall, she racks her brain for a solution. It hits her like a bolt,  conventional therapy was not going to work for these muppets, time to break out the heavy artillery....

"Guys?" No response from the couple who were now in full flow, expletives and invectives flying across the room like ICBM's with similar devastating effects. The counselor sighs again... "Okay guys, thats enough," she pleads. Still no response. The counselors own temper begins to rise, Laura and Richard were now squaring off screaming in each others faces. The counselor snaps and leaps to her feet.


Laura and Richard stare at each other mouths agog. Richard recovers his composure first "Excuse me, don't you dare speak to my wife like that!"

The counselor raises an eyebrow and smiles "You see, there is still hope you do care. I apologise but I had to try something to get you guys to stop for a moment."

"Oh er... right," mumbles Richard "I guess we were going at it pretty hard."

"Yeah I'm sorry too," chimes in Laura

"Listen guys I understand your frustrations and your passions so I am going to suggest a radical new therapy, it will not take long, but it will allow you to work out your frustrations in a healthy and controlled environment. How does that sound?"

Laura and Richard look at each other and nod in agreement, "sign us up," says Laura.

"Fab," the counselor beams, she had been itching to try this new equipment out for ages. "Follow me guys." The counselor leads them out of the room and down the corridor to a large room. Inside the room are two telephone size boothes with two small holes in the front and a hatch underneath it. Between the booths is a table with what appears to be two large plate stands. Laura and Richard look confused.

"Okay guys this is the latest technology, all you need to do is step into the booth, place your hands in the hand holds and I'll do the rest."

Both Richard and Laura look visibly nervous now but gingerly step inside and close the door. Moments later two sets of hands poke out through the holes. Laura's voice calls out over the intercom "What do we need to do now?" The counselor grins wickedly "You'll see..."

She flicks a switch and there is a crackling of electricity and the sound of a generator spinning up. The spinning rises to a crescendo and there is an audible pop, the hatches on the front of the boothes open with steam and vapor rising out of them. The counselor reaches inside and pulls out Laura, except Laura has been compressed into a disk! She is a little larger than a dinner plate with her face and her stripey socked feet sticking out the front. Richard is also in the same state and both a visibly alarmed, thier eyes darting around the room. The counselor briefly switches on the intercom and is immediately defeaned by the couples shout and screams. She flicks it off and shakes her head. She sets Laura and Richard on the plate stands facing on another, they visibly settle and looks of amusement cross thier faces and thier toes wiggle and flex as they laugh at thier partners preposterous situation. The counselor smiles, progress at last! She crosses back to the machine and slides the section containing the couples hands out. She places Laura's hands infront of Richard, and Richards in front of Laura

"Okay, now we are all set up, you guys can work through your anger and frustration, knowing you cannot be hurt." She places a feathers in each of the couples hands. "You can both reach the others feet. My suggestion is that you use the feathers to tickle each other and vent your anger that way."
Laura and Richard's eye widen glancing from the counselor to each other to the feathers, surely she has to be kidding? Richard recovers his composure first and flicks the feather across his wife's stripy socked feet, which immediately shake and clench her toes. She responds, twitching the feather under his toes making them spread and curl. There is a brief pause, before the couple go at, hammer and tongs. Laura desperately tries to hide her feet by pressing them into her face as Richard runs the feather up her feet, switching between tops and sole. Meanwhile, Richard's feet are flailing and flapping like bird stretching its wings, trying to keep the feathers away from his black socked soles. The counselor watches intently and flicks the intercom on to check the progress. She is greeted by the tinny sound of male and female laughter as the couple do their very best to break each other. Soon, Richard is having the best of it and Laura drops her feathers as Richard attacks the outside of her arch, leaving her helpless with laughter. An evil grin is plastered on his lips, which are drawn back showing teeth. Tears are rolling down Laura's face and her frantically flailing feet, occassionaly smack her in the cheek. Her musical and lilting laughter fills the room.

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOO, EEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE!" Laura's wide feet flap in big circles as she rolls her ankles, Richard tracks her, his fingers like ten toe seeking missles, released in a barrage of toe tickles.

"You still think I'm useless?"


Richard has his fingers probing her pinky toes each foot

"Take it back," he calmly insists


"If you take it I'll stop"

The counselor figures he's had his fun and decides to help out Laura. She strides over, her pumps clicking on the floor and she pulls them apart momentarily.

"Hey! No fair," sqwarks Richard, "I was enjoying myself then"

Laura sounds like she is gulping in air as fast as she can, sobbing a little as her tickle wrecked toes calm down and gently rub her face. The counselor moves to Richard's socked feet and starts to pull the socks up, revealing large, wide soft feet.

"Hey! Give me my socks back!" Richards eyes widen as he sees his hands being pushed aside and Laura's brought closer to give her long, slender, sharp nailed fingers unfettered access to his feet "No! You wouldn't dare, Laura honey? Please don't do it!" Laura's eyes bore into her husbands, her red lips are drawn back into a wicked rictis and she flexes and curls her fingers millimetres away from his soles, drawing out his torment and drinking in his pleas. Richard was incredibly ticklish, the merest touch on any where on his feet was enough to send him on the ceiling

"Laura, c'mon sweetie, you know I love you, lets get out of here, Please?"

Laura's fingers a hovering about his soles

"No! Dont touch my feet, please? doll? sweetie??"

Laura cackles, "Not a chance," as she plunges her nimble fingers into his exposed arches

"PPPPFFFFFTTTTTT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA," Richard thrashes and squirms, his feet go ballistic trying to get his wife's fingers out of his arches

She switches between skittering and dragging her fingers across his feet

"PLLLLLEEEEASSEEEEE STOOOHOHOHOHOOOP BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Richard's will collapses almost immediately as the tickle torture is unbearable

"You gonna pull your weight around the house?"


"Okay," Laura renews here tickling and delights as the tables turn and her husband is reduced to a tear streaked, pleading mess. The counselor decides that enough is enough and pulls the two apart. The couple compose themselves for a moment in awkward silence as they sheepishly look at one another.

Richard breaks the silence first "I'm sorry hun, I'll pull my finger out my ass and help more"
Laura beams "I'm sorry too, I'll try not to nag"
The counselor's heart soars, finally some dam progress and she beams a dazzling smile at the compressed, concilliatory couple. "Wonderful, just wonderful news!"

"Well..." says Richard with a grimace as he sucks air through his teeth, "don't be too hasty, I am going to sue your ass, I mean this is assault, or bodily harm or something! You can't compress me and my wife like this."

"Yeah!" Laura chips in, "No permission or anything just bam, squish, coochie coo! I mean what the hell, I want to speak to a manager and our money back!"

"You tell her hun!"

The counselor is taken aback but not unsurprised. She sets her glasses down on the table and undoes the tight ponytail, letting her long curly red locks flow down her shoulders and white blouse. "Are you sure? I think you'll want to reconsider this action"

"Like hell!" Laura cries, "now put us back to normal, this instant!"

"Oh no," purrs the counselor, "I can't do that until you reconsider your legal action."

"Hey!" bellows Richard, "Turn us back to normal now!"

"Oh dear," The counselor flips off the intercom switch, silencing the shouts, both Richard and Laura are incandescent with rage as hands shake, gesture and clench in tight shaken fists. "Much better. Now we'll get you pair to reconsider," says the counselor as she slips her black pumps off. She sets her feet on the table in front of the now dumbstruck couple and gently massages her sheer grey pantyhose feet.

"Oooooh mmmmm," she groans, "Much better. These new shoes are really hurting my poor feet." She wiggles her long slender toes in front of the couple. Richard and Laura glance at one another nervously, wondering where this is going. The counselor has that wicked grin on her lips, she replaces the couples hands in the machine and she picks the disk-couple up and places them back in the machines. She feels Laura and Richard visibly relax as they realise they are going to be put back to normal. The grin is still there as the counselor pulls the switch. The machine spins up, this time in at much higher pitch. The same pop is heard moments later, with the usual steam and vapor leaking from the front hatch.

She opens the hatch one each machine and fishes around inside each one amongst the blinding steam. She waves the steam away with a free hand to reveal two tiny pink disks, with tiny eyes blinking back at her from her hand. The counselor chuckles as she walks back to retrieve her shoes. She slides the miniature versions of disk Richard and Laura inside the warm, moist pump. The counselor slips her long pantyhose feet back inside and coos as her new insoles spread, cushioning the balls of her feet. She curls her toes smothering the couple in a prison of leather and soft soles.

"Now, you pair can have a nice long think about your options whilst I walk into town," calls the counselor to her feet, as she strides through the door and down the corridor."Don't worry guys, I'll draw up all the paperwork for your legal action, you can sign it and leave when I get off work... At 8pm."

The counselor had a feeling they were going to be singing a different tune after full day in shoes. After all, they do say you've got to walk a mile in someone else's shoes to truely empathise with them. The counselor figured, for these two stubborn fools, six ought to cover it. Just to be safe...    
Couples Therapy
A new stand alone story from an unfilfilled role play idea I have had knocking around for a while. This story is not linked to Valentines day, the timing is coincidence, anyone who thinks otherwise gets 12 hours in the machine (^_^).
Talk about silver linings, even with the cruel grip of insomnia, I still get the odd moment of inspiration and the writing is flowing! Should have brand new stand alone story by tomorrow!


United Kingdom


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